Working on Tech for Muslims Founder of MuslimJobs Full-Stack Developer

Assalamu'alaikum 👋 I'm Waqas Abbasi, a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur, founder of MuslimJobs, SendASalam and ParagonTechLabs, based in The Karachi, Pakistan. I'm passionate about tech for Muslims, and I'm currently working full-time building apps for Muslims.

My Work Experience

I started my career as a Software Engineer at Fonto, and had an amazing opportunity to work with very talented people, and learned a lot about web development. I've since transitioned to working full-time on tech that is aimed towards solving problems for Muslims, as well as working part-time/volunteering at an Islamic Institute.

Paragon Tech Labs Logo

Jan 2024 - Present

ParagonTechLabs - Founder

A software agency that specialises in web development. We help businesses and startups build marketing websites, landing pages, and web applications.

Send A Salam Logo

Aug 2023 - Present

Send A Salam - Founder

(WIP) Creator funding platform to help creators accept donations, start memberships And build a community, all in one place.


June 2022 - Present

MuslimJobs - Founder

I created MuslimJobs to help Muslims find jobs that are in line with their values and to empower and promote Muslim companies and organizations built with Islamic Principles. I'm currently working part-time on this project, and looking for a marketing co-founder to help me grow this project.

I'm currently working part-time at i3 Institute as a Technology Lead & Full-Stack Developer. I'm responsible for managing the website-technology team, and building and maintaining the website and other technology related projects to optimize operations

I started my career as a Software Engineer at Fonto, and was part of the Performance & Stability team. We were responsible for monitoring, and improving the performance and stability of the FontoXML Editor. This included working on projects and tasks related to improving the performance of the editor, and fixing bugs related to performance and stability.


Some of the projects I've worked on in the past for fun, or to learn new technologies!

Blog Posts

Blog posts I've written hoping to help others with technologies I've used.